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Say hello to the Mixnode RESTful API

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the Mixnode API: a RESTful interface to programmatically interact with Mixnode. Currently in beta, the all-new API allows you to use Mixnode's web-as-a-database technology to enrich your applications with massive-scale web data processing capabilities.

Running queries via HTTP requests

The Mixnode API provides you with a simple, intuitive RESTful interface to execute queries. In order to create a query, all you need to do is send a POST request to the /queries/ endpoint:

curl \
  -u [YOUR_API_KEY]: \
  -d query_str="SELECT url FROM homepages LIMIT 1000"

Monitoring queries and streaming results

Once you have created a query, you can easily stream its results and retrieve real-time information about its status using the /results/ endpoint:

curl[QUERY_ID]/results/[PAGE_NUMBER] \
  -u [YOUR_API_KEY]:

Canceling a query

And finally, if you need to cancel a query before it has ended, you can do so by sending a POST request to the /cancel/ endpoint:

curl[QUERY_ID]/cancel/ \
  -u [API_KEY]:

The (very near) future

We are currently gathering feedback, working on documentation and finalizing the API to transition out of beta. Additionally, we are developing SDKs in different programming languages to provide you with a simple, high-level interface for connecting to the API in your language of choice.

We're incredibly excited to see how the Mixnode API will enable you to interact with the sea of data on the web in new, powerful ways. Give it a try and let us know what you think at

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