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Serverless Mixnode: Run pay-as-you-go SQL queries against billions of web pages

With an amazing private beta launch in October and close to 10,000 people on our waitlist, Mixnode definitely had a great 2018. We thought we should keep this streak going and start 2019 with some awesome news: Mixnode is now a serverless platform!

What we've been up to for the past several months

You can now simply log into Mixnode and instantly run SQL queries against billions of web pages without ever worrying about spinning up instances, provisioning resources, setting up clusters or anything remotely similar to infrastructure management.

You bring the query we bring the horsepower

At the core of everything we do at Mixnode is the belief that users should not have to be involved in infrastructure management (i.e. How can I get the data?) so that they can focus on what they do best and their unique value propositions (i.e. What value can I extract from the data?). The serverless Mixnode is the ultimate evolution of this core idea.

With this new update of Mixnode, all you have to do is write your query and click 'Run', behind the scenes your query will be executed on our cluster of machines. Of course, you're never exposed to the underlying cluster, distributed environment, networking, storage and all the other complexities; all you ever see is the blazingly fast execution and the results pouring in.

A powerful pricing model for a powerful platform

In the true spirit and tradition of Mixnode's pricing philosophy, the serverless Mixnode operates on a simple, transparent and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing model. When running queries on Mixnode, you are only charged for the amount of data that has been scanned to get the results. Never again do you have to worry about over-provisioning or under-provisioning of resources, everything is completely pay-as-you-go, real-time and transparent.

Give it a try

The serverless Mixnode is a fully-managed environment to run standard SQL queries against huge amounts of web data. It's an ultra-fast, simple, and affordable alternative to web crawling/scraping that you can use immediately with, practically, no learning curve.

We're incredibly excited to see how you will use this powerful technology to supercharge your data pipeline and can't wait to know your thoughts on it. Give it a try and let us know what you think at

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